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12 Years With Singing Bowl

By ktmgallery, 09/12/2017 - 15:33
Deepak Rasaili Carving singing bowls

Singing bowl has been one of major handicraft trade in the past few decades in Nepal. Known for its unique sound and meditative purpose, a lot of Nepali people are engaged in its craft and trade.

Deepak Rasaili, 28, started working on Singing Bowl at 16 years of age, and has greater attachment to its carving and trade. “ A foreigner asked us to draw some pictures in the bowl, and that’s how we thought of carving unique and peaceful design in the factory made alloy bowl.” said Rasaili. Rasaili, from Okhaldhunga, a remote village in Nepal, came to Kathmandu for a job, and initially worked for others in carving singing bowl. “My father is a farmer and still in village. I had to get a proper job to support my family and I got hang of singing bowl.” Says Rasaili. He says that while carving unique and fascinating designs in the bowl, he feels enthusiastic and feels himself attached to the bowl. Coming in various sizes, he carves singing bowl, creates his own design and sells them to tourists, locals and trades to Thamel.

Pramila Rasaili, 30, wife of Deepak, also is engaged in it. She puts dent in the bowl and modifies the textures and Rasaili carves it. Their three children, a daughter and two sons, also seem interested in the work. “My son sometimes asks me to teach how to carve but I scare him away to go to study. I hope to make him and others a better person when they studies good.” He says that it is the major occupation he does and tends to make it even bigger. Singing bowl has been found to reduce stress, anxiety, improve blood pressure, immunity and emotional clarity. A lot of advantages of singing bowl are yet to be discovered however sound therapy is very significant in meditative aspects.


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